Rafael Zafalon
A poesia e a arte sublimam o caos!
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Self-taught in composition, geologist by training, Joris Graaf, is not only an alchemist in colors and textures, but, a curious equilibrist of non-verbal messages, revisiting contemporary abstractionism.
His colors bring airs of novelty, unique imagetic joviality and unprecedented experience, where the work of art in its totality, sometimes raw, sometimes graphically processed is genuinely provocative.
Recognized as a European photographic talent by the Dutch GUP Magazine in partnership with the Japanese Nikon in the New Dutch Photography Talent of 2019, Joris dazzles the eyes in his compositions, coming from unique palettes, rehearsed or resigned in the daily life of the prodigious artist.
Ingenious, inventive and revolutionary in the visual arts scene, he concentrates and disperses his shades, playing with the spectator's imagination.

I believe in artistic expressions in their humanizing power, I admire the natural talents, the vocation stimulated by practice. Joris Graaf is, in the opinion of this critic, one of the most imaginative celebrities of today.
Rafael Zafalon
Enviado por Rafael Zafalon em 26/03/2020
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